‘Centre Stage’ in the kitchen

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High technology meets human design

Worldwide research by Kohler into kitchen tapware has shown key features, desired by consumers from the UK to Russia and the US to Australia, are a swivel head, long reach spout and eye catching aesthetics.

Kitchen mixer taps, says Kohler, have achieved new status in the appliance pecking order. They are expected to have extensive functionality – a drenching but low volume spray for cleaning fruit and vegetables; a forceful flow for washing greasy pots and pans; and a long reach spout for filling tall vases and buckets. In addition they must excel in water conservation while exhibiting stand-out good looks as they take centre stage in the busiest room in the house.

A prime example of these expectations is the Karbon by Kohler.

The 5 star WELS rated Karbon mixer features a sleek, deck-mounted joystick for easy grip and precise temperature and flow control; a choice of forceful spray and laminar water flow options accessed at the touch of a button; and four slender, tubular sections joined by industrial-design articulated joints so the tap can literally be positioned exactly where it is needed and then left there.

The versatility and reach of the tap is ideal for filling tall vases and pots, for food preparation and for all cleaning and rinsing tasks.

Whatever position the Karbon mixer tap is left in instantly becomes a sculptural artform – it will remain in exactly the position it is left, leaving both hands free for food preparation and cleaning.

Each of the articulating joints has been engineered to ensure exceptionally smooth and effortless handling and positioning.

When choosing a kitchen tap always select one with a tarnish and corrosion resistant finish for longevity and durability.

Kohler’s Moxie is a favourite with Oprah!

In her highly successful  “The O Magazine,” Oprah Winfrey says the Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead is one of her favourite items.

In  September’s (2014) issue,  Oprah’s ‘The O List’ is dedicated to some of her favourite products for achieving a makeover easily and beautifully. 

Along with brands such as Ralph Lauren and All-Clad, Kohler’s Moxie rechargeable 3 star WELS showerhead is lauded for its ability to stream music into the shower stall from any bluetooth enabled device. 

Oprah recommends Beyonce! 

Moxie on Oprah's O List in Sept O Mag

Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead features in Oprah's "The O List" in Sept O Magazine

Kohler to Star at Singapore Indesign – October 4 2014

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Singapore InDesign, the leading architectural and design event for the Asia Pacific region, attracts design personalities from around the world whilst showcasing the most revolutionary new products and ideas. 

Kohler is one of the event’s most highly anticipated exhibitors and this year has partnered with leading architectural firm Studiogoto in The Project – a key attraction of the day.  This year’s theme is ‘FUTURE’ and the Kohler/Studiogoto entry is a playful look at a bathroom of the future, showcasing Kohler’s new luxurious Rose Gold finish for tapware and the Veil integrated electronic toilet.

Kohler at Indesign Singapore 2014

Kohler to feature at Indesign Singapore 2014

The Kohler stand will also display new product launches across tapware, basins and toilets while Kohler’s Studio Director Kitchen and Bath Asia Pacific, Tan Luncheak, will give a presentation on future design trends at the Red Dot Design Museum.

For more details, visit Indesign Singapore 

Learn more about The Project here.

Design is in the detail with killer kitchen tapware

Our guest blogger, Kelly Gammie of Eucalyptus Design talks about incorporating killer kitchen tapware into those highly trafficked, functional areas of the house …

Design is definitely in the detail when creating functional areas; kitchens, laundries and butler’s pantries are now aesthetically important to the modern home.

Luxurious materials including marble, stone and beautiful tiles are being utilised by designers to create texture and opulence in these once purely utilitarian spaces.

Kohler Kitchen with Karbon Mixer

Kohler Kitchen featuring Karbon Kitchen Mixer

Timber used in a modern sleek application has been seen in kitchens for some time and is now spilling over into laundries as well.

Evoke Kitchen Mixer in Laundry

Kohler's Evoke Kitchen Mixer popular for laundries

Elegant tapware is an essential element to any of theses areas and is often the centrepiece.

Kohler’s Karbon mixer is undoubtedly the most impressive kitchen mixer out there. When I wish to create some wow factor it is the first mixer I consider. It especially appeals to men with its carbon fibre finish and its edgy sculptural form. Its the perfect way to get the man of the house interested in the kitchen’s design!

Karbon Kitchen Mixer

Statement piece - Karbon Articulating Kitchen Mixer

The Evoke* from Kohler is another refreshing alternative to the commonly used goose-neck mixer which is multi-purpose tap, it can be used in the main kitchen, butler’s pantry and even the laundry.

Kohler Evoke Kitchen Mixer

Evoke kitchen mixer delivers a steamlined appeal

The high spout rotates 360 degrees for full clearance and coverage offering flexibility for a variety of tasks. And the pull out spray is a fantastic feature for washing large vases (and other items, such as football boots!) in the laundry sink.

Evoke Kitchen Mixer (laundry)

Multitasking - Kohler Evoke Kitchen Mixer used in laundry

Every area of the modern home is being carefully considered by designers and architects today. They are no longer areas that are kept secretly behind closed doors.

By using beautiful tapware and stunning natural materials, even the humble laundry or butler’s pantry can be a place to showcase statement pieces as part of the overall design.

*Evoke Kitchen Mixer is not currently available in Australia.

Accessorise your bathroom in style …

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The bath is in, the taps have been fitted and the tiles look perfect.  The final selection for any bathroom – and very much the cohesive element – is the choice of bathroom accessories.  Some bathrooms only require a soap dish and towel rail, while others will need robe hooks, toilet tissue holder and toiletries shelf.

Fortunately there is an easy way to select exactly the right look in bathroom accessories – leading brands such as Kohler include matching accessories with most of its bathroom tapware.

Be it simple lines, elegant curves or sleek linear profiles, Kohler has a collection of seven distinctly different designs in bathroom accessories, each with matching tapware.

Singulier, for example, is a beautifully contemporary range of taps and accessories that cleverly combines sleek clean lines with softly rounded curves.  The tapware is bold yet elegant and the accessories mirror this profile.  Single and double towel bars, towel ring, covered toilet tissue holder, single and double robe hooks, hotelier shelf, toilet brush and elegant glass shelf are all included in the range.

Singulier Towel Ring

Kohler's Singulier Towel Ring

Kohler Singulier Toilet Paper Holder

Singulier Toilet Paper Holder

Singulier Towel Bar

Singulier Towel Bar

Margaux is the antithesis of Singulier – a clever mix of glamour, luxe and elegance taking its cue from vintage aesthetics.  Statement-making mixer taps are complemented by bathroom accessories that include towel rails, robe hooks, toilet tissue holder, glass shelf and valet.

Bathroom accessories - Margaux robe hook

Classic style - Margaux robe hook

Bathroom accessories - Margaux towel bar

Margaux towel bar

Coordinating seamlessly with Kohler’s latest and most contemporary range of tapware is the Strayt range of bathroom accessories.  Inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of ‘Wai Yuan Nei Fang’ – meaning a person should be rounded and dynamic on the inside and square and disciplined on the outside – Strayt features a perfectly proportioned profile of clean fine lines melding into uninterrupted fluid curves.  There are nine elements to the Strayt collection of bathroom accessories, including single and double towel rails, robe hooks, covered toilet tissue holder, hotelier and soap dish.

Kohler Strayt Soap Dish

Contemporary style - Strayt Soap Dish

Strayt Towel Bar

Kohler Strayt Towel Bar comes in 2 sizes plus double bar

All Kohler bathroom accessories feature a corrosion and tarnish resistant polished chrome finish.

Make the easy choice when finishing your bathroom and select a range of bathroom accessories that perfectly matches your tapware.

Singulier tapware
Margaux tapware
Strayt tapware

BREAKING NEWS … Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker available now!

The award-winning blue tooth enabled shower head, MOXIE, is now available in Australia
from Kohler’s exclusive specialist distributors.

Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker ... coming soon!

This beautifully designed shower head – the first to stream music, talk and podcasts from
blue tooth enabled devices such as smart phone, MP3 and iMac etc – showcases simplicity
at its best.  A chrome, funnel-shaped shower head and white silicone interior houses 60 – 80 angled nozzles around its perimeter, depending on the size of showerhead selected. 

The integrated wireless speaker fits perfectly inside this – cleverly held in place by invisible magnets.  The result is a high quality mix of excellent sound and refreshing, revitalising water coverage.

Features include:

  • Attractive, stylishly designed showerhead incorporating wireless speaker and comes in two sizes
  • Syncs with Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 10 metres away
  • Water resistant, magnetised wireless speaker (a rating of IPX4) which pops in and out of the showerhead for easy charging
  • Built in rechargeable Lithium ION batter provides up to 7 hours of battery life
  • Includes USB charging cable

The Moxie showerhead has won 2 international awards,  the IDEA 2013 Silver Award – an annual Interior Design Excellence Award presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America and an iF Product Design Award 2014.

Available from specialist Kohler distributors around Australia.

Moxie Showerhead awards

Moxie Showerhead awards - IDEA Silver 2013 and iF Product Design Award 2014

Australian Bathroom of the Future, internationally recognised

When Australia’s SJB Architects were invited to design the Bathroom of the Future for Kohler’s Flagship store in Shanghai, China they envisaged a luxurious cocoon of new age materials equipped with the very latest KOHLER innovations.

SJB was one of only four leading architectural firms from around the world invited by Kohler to design a bathroom showcasing one of five themes – Chinese, Contemporary, Classic, Transitional and Futuristic. This project was developed as a means of commemorating Kohler’s 140th anniversary as a global leader in the field of bathroom design and technology.

Tristan Wong, SJB architect who spearheaded the design, felt the bathroom of the future could be a global traveller’s retreat and as such located in the hull of a ship or fuselage of a jet. Wong’s vision is of a seamless, folding cocoon of new-age materials – inspired by the highly sculpted, dynamic forms emerging in car and boat design – melding highly evolved technology with a tactile experience that imparts a feeling of invigoration and vitality to anyone entering the space.

Kohler Future Bathroom by SJB

SJB designed the Bathroom of the Future incorporating Kohler products

Walls and ceiling fold and merge to conceal lighting, speakers and exhaust fan, transporting what is essentially a highly practical multidisciplinary bathing space to an exciting and dynamic level. The yachtstyle timber flooring provides warmth underfoot which complements the long, carbon fibre vanity that morphs into a day-bed.

“We made an intentional shift away from the more traditional bathroom materials of tile and stone – that often have a cold, utilitarian feel – to the highly versatile Kerlite which is a kind of ceramic porcelain. We chose a combination of white Kerlite for a clean, bright feeling and a bronzechampagne Kerlite to create warmth and contrast. Carbon fibre was the other material used extensively in the design. Chosen for its malleability, strength and waterproof qualities it was the perfect choice for the vanity and day bed. It also has a great aesthetic, with the woven strands of filament visible through the resin,” said Tristan Wong of SJB.

Kohler’s SOK overflowing bath was chosen for both its luxury and its ability for contained overflow, even in rough seas and occasional turbulence. Designed for two people the Sok offers deep immersion and the option of chromatherapy and bubble massage.

Sok bath in SJB's Bathroom of the Future

Kohler Sok bath in SJB's Bathroom of the Future

The futuristic Numi toilet, a Bluetooth enabled ‘hub’ offering music, night light, warm air for the feet and automatically opening and closing lid and seat, is placed in the space as much for its sculptural effect as its versatility. It is perfectly complemented by a pair of low slung, rectangular Forefront basins.

Kohler Numi - Future Bathroom by SJB

Kohler Numi features in Bathroom of the Future by SJB

“We chose the Karbon taps as they are an incredible piece of engineering and design, constructed in part from carbon fibre, one of the lightest and strongest materials available, and with a joystick control. This really IS a product of the future,” said Wong.

Karbon tap in Bathroom of the Future by SJB

Kohler Karbon tap in Bathroom of the Future by SJB

To complete the look is the multifunctional electronically controlled shower area equipped with watertile overhead shower panels and wall mounted bodysprays to create an all-enveloping, totally luxurious showering experience.

“Kohler’s ability to create new, varied and continually innovative products meant that when it came to designing a bathroom of the future KOHLER already had a number of cutting edge products that were suitable. There was a seamless integration between our design and the existing KOHLER products, almost as though they had been custom designed!

Kohler - Bathroom of the Future by SJB

SJB designed Kohler Bathroom of the Future

From an architect’s perspective this is key to Kohler’s success – they invest heavily in design that challenges the norm and is cutting edge in both its aesthetic and engineering,” commented Tristan Wong.

Mirrored walls in the bathroom have integrated PC screens to enable the global nomad to reconnect with the world after having enjoyed a precious interlude of relaxation and rejuvenation courtesy of a space delivered in an altogether unique and futuristic way.

Key bathroom trends emerging…Part 2

Recently our guest blogger, Hamish Kofoed – Specification & Design Manager for Mico Design New Zealand – talked to us about what’s new in bathroom design and where he thinks the NZ bathroom space is headed as we look toward 2015.

Hamish works closely with Designers and Architects, whilst still keeping in touch with what’s realistic for bathroom renovators. so here’s more key directions he has predicted to get your creative juices flowing for that renovation project!

Classical Monochrome hues

Monochrome hues when tiling are currently finding favour – “think larger tile slabs and simple tonal colour combinations” says Kofoed, “using sleek polished or matte tiles and surfaces really looks stunning when used in combination with more modern and minimalist tapware designs – its all about simplicity, reducing clutter and a really premium feel with high quality materials.”

Kohler Reve bath with Fairfax tapware
Kohler Reve bath with Fairfax tapware



Home Wellness Centres

We are currently seeing the mainstreaming of the ‘home spa,’ with an ever increasing proportion of customers demanding a more sensory experience from their product selection. No longer content with a basic slide shower within an acrylic box, discerning consumers are gravitating towards luxury features such as two person bathing or showering with overhead rain cans, side water jets, massage jet functionality, steam showers and the like, as these former luxuries become more and more affordable for the design-conscious.

“The designers and Architects we are working with look to marry up these features with organic materials such as feature-pebble / stone inlays, decking-style timber floor inlays and indoor plants” says Kofoed – “The Home Spa allows one to find an escape, a place to relax, think, and recharge.”

Kohler Watertiles
Kohler Watertiles – Showering panel, showerhead and panels
Kohler Sok Bath for Two

Kohler Sok Bath for Two

Design Flexibility

Further to this trend, says Kofoed, the advent of dual-person usage in the ensuite in particular has created the need for design flexibility. “Twin-basin vanities really are a must for couples in today’s busy world – no one likes fighting over counter space – and it’s super important to consider design features such as half or full height privacy partitions between the toilet and the shower unit or vanity. Maximising storage options really helps to reduce a sense of morning clutter – plan in recessed mirror cabinets, cavity spaces, towel shelving and the like – you can never have enough”.

Kohler bathroom design

Kohler bathroom design - contemporary

 Mix it up … with Wallpaper

Last but not least, wallpaper has come back into play of late – “one of the hottest trends at Milan this year was ‘placement wallpaper’ in kitchens and bathroom where designers are looking to mix up individual patterns mixed up for bespoke effect” says Kofoed, “ this creates a clever new take on a bathroom feature wall”.

Kohler Cast Iron Reve Bath

Wallpaper in the bathroom with Reve Bath

Future bathroom trends take shape

Geometrics are a fast growing trend in bathroom design with these dynamic shapes being used to add interest to a simple bathroom – think basins, tapware, wall textures and even shower fittings. With neutral colour palettes often being the preferred option for bathing spaces – they enhance the feeling of relaxation, hygiene and spaciousness – these clearly defined geometric shapes and textures add visual interest and character.

Kohler has introduced some strong geometric shapes to its basin collection that add form, integrated shelf space and are highly functional.

There are three designs, each combining a basin and vanity top in one wall-mounted piece, creating a spacious plane of pure white vitreous china.

Rythmik is a rectilinear piece with a visual harmony between the bowl and the counter space.  An elegant yet contemporary basin, Rythmik delivers a careful balance between delicate fine lines, and strong, precise angles.

Kohler Rythmik basin with Toobi tap

Kohler Rythmik basin with Toobi tap

Kohler Rythmik 600mm Compact Basin

Kohler Rythmik 600mm Compact Basin

Spherik, as the name implies, features a perfectly circular shallow bowl centred on a flat rectangular plane and Rondik is a softly rounded rectangular shape whose shallow basin is bordered by a lipped vanity space on either side.

Kohler Spherik 600mm bowl - Left hand

Kohler Spherik 600mm bowl - Left hand

Kohler Rondik 600mm Compact Left Hand

Kohler Rondik 600mm Compact Left Hand

Each of the basins is designed to be wall mounted and works well with undermounted storage space.

Kohler invited to exhibit at MoMA in New York – Reinventing the Toilet

Kohler will once again feature in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.  Uneven Growth – Tactical Urbanisms for  Expanding Megacities will be staged from November 22, 2014 to May 10, 2015 and will be accompanied by a publication showcasing the exhibition projects and essays by leading urban and architectural scholars.

With a global population expected to be around 8 billion by 2030 the exhibition is a collaboration of six interdisciplinary teams of researchers and practitioners to look at new architectural possibilities for six global metropolises – Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lagos, Mumbai, New York and Rio de Janeiro.

Kohler, in partnership with CalTech and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, developed a solar-powered water treatment/toilet project that will form part of the exhibition.  The toilet was the winning entry, from CalTech, in the Re-invent The Toilet Challenge sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  The foundation mounted the challenge in response to the 2.5 billion people around the world who do not have access to safe sanitation.

Kohler supports "Reinvent the Toilet" Challenge

Kohler supports "Reinvent the Toilet" Challenge

The mobile restroom, equipped with a freestanding, self-contained wastewater treatment system powered by the sun generating both hydrogen and electricity, is equipped with Kohler toilets and bathroom fixtures that provide the essential interface between the user
and the waste system.

Kohler's "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge" goes to the India Fair

Kohler's "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge" goes to the India Fair

Kohler was originally featured in the MoMA in 1929 with an exhibition entitled “Modern bath and dressing room”.  Showcasing the bathroom of the future the exhibit showcased a black Universal bath and Deauville basin together with chrome Cellini tapware – teamed with finishes of black and pink tiles.

Kohler exhibits at MoMA 1929

Kohler exhibits at MoMA 1929 with "Exhibition of a Modern Bath and Dressing Room."

A Strayt case of philosophy in the bathroom

The ancient Chinese philosophy of ‘Wai Yuan Nei Fang’, whereby a person should be rounded (and dynamic) on the inside, square (and disciplined) on the outside, was the key inspiration for the latest range of bathroom tapware and accessories from Kohler.

Strayt, one of the most contemporary of Kohler’s many collections, features a perfectly proportioned profile of clean, fine lines melding into uninterrupted fluid curves – a shape that is repeated throughout the basin, bath and shower mixers plus all of the accessories.

Each piece is testament to the utmost integrity in design and will enhance the overall aesthetics of bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms.

Strayt Tall Basin Mixer

New Products from Kohler - Strayt Tall Basin Mixer

Tapware in the range comprises a standard and tall basin mixer, both 5 star WELS rated plus bath/shower mixers with and without diverter. Accessories include shelves and robe hooks plus soap, toothbrush and toilet roll holders in a corrosion and tarnish-resistant polished chrome paired with clear acrylic.

Strayt Basin Mixer

Kohler's Strayt Basin Mixer

Strayt Double Towel Bar

Strayt Double Towel Bar

Strayt Horizontal Toilet Tissue Holder with Cover

Strayt Horizontal Toilet Tissue Holder with Cover

Strayt Towel Ring

Strayt Towel Ring

The Kohler Strayt collection of bathroom tapware and accessories is available in Australia from E&S Trading Victoria, Galvin Design and Routley’s Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Launch of new-look Kohler in Melbourne – June 2014

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Kohler & E&S Trading (Victoria) celebrated their new retail partnership with a fabulous launch party at Rokeby Studios in the design hub of Collingwood.  The semi industrial studio space was transformed into an inspirational showcase for the many new Kohler products heading for Australian shores, while guests were treated to an informative ‘interview’ between E&S Trading CEO Rob Sinclair and Kohler Kitchen & Bath Asia Pacific President Larry Yuen.  Guest speaker for the evening was Gruen Transfer panelist – and principal of the Impossible Institute – Dan Gregory.

Ten guests received a lucky door prize of the inimitable Moxie Bluetooth enabled showerhead while everyone enjoyed the bold, innovative product displays and savoured the beautiful food, supplied by Atlantic Group Catering.

Kohler_E&S_ Launch event

Rob Sinclair (E&S), Larry Yuen (Kohler), Dan Gregory (The Impossible Institute), Geoff Cope (Kohler), Mike Sinclair (E&S)

Kohler and E&S Launch Event - Melbourne

Moxie display at the Kohler and E&S Launch Event

Numi toilet at the Kohler and E&S Launch Event

Kohler's most advanced toilet - Numi

Kohler and E&S Launch Event

Kohler displays at Melbourne Launch Event

Kohler and E&S Launch Event

Jeffrey Ong (Setia), Tom Casper and Larry Yuen (Kohler)


Kohler and E&S Launch Event

E&S showroom team trialling Kohler product


Kohler & E&S Launch, Melbourne

Guests enjoy hearing from guest speaker Dan Gregory

New specialist retailers for Kohler’s innovative 2014 product launch

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Kohler, one of the world’s leading design and manufacturing brands in bathroom and kitchen products, is to increase its retail footprint in Australia.

The brand will now be sold through some of the country’s largest specialist retailers in each State with large scale displays and specially trained sales and design assistants to advise on features, design, installation and sustainability.

Kohler has been available in Australia since 1991 but this new move is the first step in a strategic plan to play a significant role in what the company sees as a growing market in Australia for innovative products that are at the forefront of sustainability and inspirational design.

Key to the new marketing model is a partnership with forward-thinking retailers who will facilitate the Kohler belief in constantly challenging the market with new and innovative product. 

The new retail network in Australia includes E&S Trading (Melbourne – VIC), Galvin Design (Perth – WA) and Routleys (Adelaide – SA) with more to be announced soon.

One of America’s oldest and largest privately held companies, Kohler was founded in 1873 and is a global leader in the design and manufacture of engines and power generation systems, cabinetry, tile and home interiors.  It also has hotels and golf destinations that have won recognition and awards worldwide. 

Kohler has design studios for its bathroom and kitchen products in four countries worldwide with the range being sold across six continents.




KOHLER - Living on the Leading Edge of Design

Living on the Leading Edge of Design


Kohler Strayt

New range - Kohler Strayt Collection

Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

Kohler's new Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

Towards 2015 – our guest blogger looks at key trends emerging

We asked our guest blogger Hamish Kofoed, Specification & Design Manager for Mico Design New Zealand, about what’s new in bathroom design and where he thinks the NZ bathroom space is headed as we look toward 2015.

To follow is the first of a number of key directions that Kofoed believes will play an important part in bathroom and kitchen design in the coming months…

The bathroom has become more important to people against a backdrop of busy schedules, multiple uses and changing technology. “The bathroom of today needs to be one’s sanctuary from the daily machinations of everyday life, as well as a place of inspiration and contemplation, all the while enabling a number of different functional requirements” says Kofoed.


Timber and timber veneer surface treatments are a dominant leading edge trend for 2015.  Taking cues from stone palettes with interesting new ‘cool greige’ tones provides textural interest in both bathrooms & kitchens.  “This trend featured strongly in the Kitchen space at Eurocucina this year and will be a strong direction for bathroom palettes as well” says Kofoed, “particularly as Kiwis love to use natural products in their design outlook”.

Kohler's Leaf vessel basin featuring neutral palette and raw materials

Timber trending in bathrooms

Timber Trends at Milan Design Week 2014

Timber bathrooms feature strongly at Milan Design Week 2014

Growth of the Home Spa

We are also seeing the mainstreaming of the ‘home spa’, with an ever increasing proportion of customers demanding a more sensory experience from their product selection. Discerning consumers are gravitating towards luxury features such as two person bathing or showering with overhead rain cans, side water jets, massage jet functionality, steam showers and the like, as these former luxuries become more and more affordable for the design-conscious.

Bathroom Trends - the home spa

Bathroom Trends - the home spa with Purist whirlpool


DTV shower tile

Water tiles and DTV showering


Wet Rooms

Further to this trend, says Kofoed, is the conversion of bathrooms to wet rooms.  The wet room needs to be a strong consideration with bathrooms utilising more water in terms of both steam and water pooling. “While wall to wall tiling is definitely a more expensive and time consuming option, a full wet-room will increase the lifespan of the bathroom by an extra five years at least” says Kofoed.

Bathroom Trends - Kohler Wet Room

Wet rooms - trending in 2015


Bathroom Trends - wet rooms

Bathroom Trends - wet rooms become more accessible

The Living Wall

Another really interesting global design feature that Kiwis have taken up in a big way has been the advent of the Living Wall. “A living wall, when done right, can be a breath-taking addition to your bathroom, adding a vibrancy and life to your space which would be difficult to achieve in any other way” says Kofoed. “A living wall really adds a new twist to ‘Eco’ bathrooms.  What’s more, the Woolly Pocket planters have a built-in moisture barrier to ensure that your wall fixings remain dry.”

Bathroom Trends - Living Wall at the KDC

The Living Wall at the Kohler Design Centre, Auckland

Kohler goes touchless in the US

The latest technological revolution from Kohler means the no-touch-flush for domestic toilets is now a reality.

The Touchless flush is a great solution to the growing demand for increased hygiene in the bathroom – the hygiene and health of family members has long been a homeowners issue and Touchless takes that concern out of the equation.

Touchless works in a very simple manner: holding a hand over the tank lid directly above the sensor actuates the flush. The sensor, mounted inside the cistern, projects an electromagnetic field which picks up hand motion above the top of the cistern – causing it to flush automatically!

Kohler's new Touchless Toilet

Kohler's new Touchless Toilet for the home

Kohler Touchless Toilet - new technology

Kohler's new Touchless Toilet - how it works

Kohler is now producing the Touchless Flush in some models – and also supplying DIY
touch-less kits that can be installed in most other models (currently only available in the US).

The sensor is run on 4AA batteries.

While not available in Australia or New Zealand YET – watch this space!!

Bathroom basins go undercover

April 28, 2014 | Posted in: Basins,Bathroom Design,Bathroom Makeovers

Amongst a plethora of sculptural taps, statement basins and bold baths there’s an element of understated elegance creeping into bathroom design trends.

Leading bathroom specialist, Kohler, is reporting an increase in undercounter basin installations saying designers and consumers alike are embracing the element of concealment in wet areas to maximise the perception of space and clean, linear surfaces.

The brand’s undercounter basins come in a choice of shapes and sizes to cater for smaller ensuites as well as master bathrooms.  Kohler’s Ladena is a rectangular ‘scooped’ basin (590mm wide) while Verticyl comes in both an oval (435mm) and a round (350mm) model. 

Undercounter Basin with Stillness tapware

Undercounter Basin with Stillness tapware

For those who crave a little embellishment to the understated approach, there is the beautifully elegant vintage era Artist Editions Empress Bouquet.  This deep bowl, in either a rectangular or oval format, has a hand-finished pattern that is a modern interpretation of 18th century Chinese print work.  Brilliant gold and metallic highlights enhance the overall delicacy of the design.

Basins-Kathryn Undercounter Empress Bouquet

Kohler's Kathryn Undercounter Empress Bouquet basin

Each of the undercounter basins are in the highest quality vitreous china.

Verticyl Undercounter Round

Kohler's Verticyl Undercounter Round basin

Highlights from Salone Internazionale Del Milano 2014

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Now in it’s 53rd year, Salone Internazionale Del Milano (Milan Design Week) is a week long celebration of all things design-oriented.  Here’s some hightlights from the week from our Kohler correspondent …

This year’s Salone Bagno sees copper and metallics making an appearance in the bathroom – prompted by their growing popularity in homewares and decorative elements for other areas of the home.

Copper bathroom products at Salone Bagno 2014
New trend – copper bathroom products at Salone Bagno 2014


Copper vanities feature at Salone Bagno 2014

Copper vanities feature at Salone Bagno 2014

Bling, Swarovski crystals, over the top decoration and embellishment were present in basins and showering tapware - but in small quantities. While not overly popular in the Australian and New Zealand markets, this type of treatment is very much on trend in Russia.

Bathroom embellishment at Salone Bagno 2014

Bathroom embellishment at Salone Bagno 2014

Shower embellishment at Salone Bagno 2014

Showering tapware with 'bling' - Milan Design Week 2014

Bathroom bling at Salone Bagno 2014

Bathroom bling at Salone Bagno 2014

Storage was a key feature on many stands with designers and manufacturers looking for ways to optimise space and reduce bathroom clutter.  Usage of the wasted space in a drop-in bath seems an obvious idea – but until now has been so rarely seen.

Bathroom embellishment and storage options at Salone Bagno 2014

Bathroom embellishment and storage options at Salone Bagno 2014

Colour makes an appearance – in pops – but is nowhere near as prominent or prolific as in the previous shows.

Colour in bathrooms at Milan Design Week

Colour in bathrooms at Milan Design Week

Colour pops - Milan Design Week

Colour pops at Milan Design Week

And as a great example of the transition of bathroom PIECES into bathroom furniture check out the integrated marble bath and cabinetry shown below.  One sleek sweep of marble that houses a bath, storage and bench space with a counter top basin.

All-in-one at Salone Bagno 2014

All-in-one at Salone Bagno 2014

While it may not be everyone’s favourite look, an interesting use of technology was the tiles made of transparent glass over genuine leather and aluminium.

Leather tiles at Salone Bagno 2014

Leather tiles at Salone Bagno 2014

Trending at Salone Internazionale Del Bagno 2014

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Now in it’s 53rd year, Salone Internazionale Del Milano (Milan Design Week) is a week long celebration of all things design-oriented.  Our Kohler rep has been checking out what’s new and on trend at Salone – here’s what she had to report …

Salone Bagno is awash with timber – timber walls, timber vanities, timber counter tops and even timber basins and baths. 

It’s a finish that reflects the need to still relate with nature – it is a nurturing, natural and organic material.  The finishes incorporate both genuine timbers as well as man made – the latter is testament to how technology has improved both the look and feel of these copies.  It is hard to pick the genuine from the fake on many occasions.

This all enveloping use of timber is reflected in kitchens too. ALL the kitchen design stands feature the most beautiful timbers, natural and man made, in bench tops, cabinetry, splash backs, wall claddings etc.

Overall timber and organic would sum up the strongest theme in bathrooms at the fair.

Timber Trends at Milan Design Week 2014

Timber bathrooms feature strongly at Milan Design Week 2014


Timber on-trend at Salone Bagno 2014

Timber is on-trend at Salone Bagno 2014


Organic and timber materials feature at Salone Bagno 2014

Organic and timber materials feature at Salone Bagno 2014

Organic theming at Salone Bagno 2014

Organic bathroom themes at Salone Bagno 2014


Kitchen designs at Salone Bagno 2014

Natural, organic finishes for kitchens at Salone Bagno 2014

Solar-powered toilet heads to India Toilet Fair

Kohler Co and Caltech’s joint development of a photovoltaic toilet, part of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, has reached the next milestone in its two-year collaborative journey.

To coincide with World Water Day (March 22) the two completed units were shipped to India, first to be displayed at the Delhi Reinvent the Toilet Fair and then to be installed and tested in India.

Kohler's toilet travels to Delhi for "Reinvent the Toilet Fair"

Kohler's solar powered toilet travels to Delhi for the "Reinvent the Toilet Fair"

The development of these next-generation toilets was in response to the 2011 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation challenge to develop a toilet capable of delivering safe and sustainable sanitation to the 2.5 billion people worldwide who are currently denied this basic necessity.  Each toilet is powered by solar panels and features a self-contained water purification and disinfection system that allows water to be reused and does not require wastewater disposal.

Every aspect of the toilet, from the carefully specified plumbing products inside to the colourful décor on the exterior, was chosen (with input from Kohler Co’s Indian team) to best assimilate the Indian culture.  This is to ensure fast and easy acceptance of the new technology by the Indian community.

Kohler contributes to "Global Reinvent the Toilet Challenge"

Kohler contributes to "Global Reinvent the Toilet Challenge" Kohler next generation toilet at Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Delhi

We’ll keep you up to speed with the next milestone on this journey in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Kohler’s Five Top … Basins

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The choice of basin is highly dependent on space, overall design of the bathroom and the purpose of the bathing space – is it intended as the family bathroom, an ensuite or guest bathroom?  Here are five of our top choices:

LUXURIOUSNature’s Chemistry Antilia Wading Pool cast glass basin – a counter-top slab of glass with a subtle rippled texture and concave surface that perfectly mimics the time-worn surface of natural stone under a constant cascade of water. Simply stunning.

Nature's Chemistry - Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

Nature's Chemistry - Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

DECORATIVE – A range of beautifully patterned undercounter basins featuring the Empress Bouquet design.  The delicate tracery offers a modern interpretation of 18th century Chinese print work.  Brilliant gold and metallic highlights enhance the overall delicacy of the design.  

Conical Bell Empress Bouquet Design

Conical Bell Empress Bouquet Design

WALL MOUNT - The space saving, geometric Spherik offers integrated countertop space for toiletries.  Combining modern aesthetics with functionality, the Spherik is ideal for smaller spaces.


Basins - Spherik vanity top

Basins - Spherik vanity top



Spherik Vanity Top

Spherik Vanity Top


PEDESTAL – Another good option for smaller spaces, the contemporary Escale with integrated countertop and pedestal base is 1010mm wide with a single central tap hole        

Escale Basin with Pedestal

Escale Basin with Pedestal

SEMI-RECESSED – The Odeon Semi Recessed basin offers clean lines and ample space for any vanity or bench-top. With a compact, uniquely arced shape and overflow, this basin works well in small bathrooms and powder rooms.

Odeon Semi Recessed Basin

Odeon Semi Recessed Basin

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